2017 State Fair

MOLP 2017 Missouri State Fair Volunteers

Annually the Missouri LP has a booth at the Missouri State Fair. This year the fair runs from August 10th thru August 20th. Get it on your calendar so you can help get out the message of Liberty for a few hours at the fair.

Map with driving directions

The Missouri LP will have volunteers to help setup and tear down the booth but we always need volunteers to staff the booth. There are two shifts per day, 9AM to 3PM and 3PM to 9PM. The fair lasts 11 days so there are a total of 22 shifts.

The State Fair is a great opportunity to reach out to voters. We give people the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz, get contact information for potential libertarians and promote our candidates.

Missouri LP State Fair Booth and Volunteer Info

Please volunteer to help staff the state fair booth for at least one shift. You can staff the booth for six hours then spend some time enjoying the fair. It is best if we have two people staff the booth but we first need to make sure we cover all the shifts.

If you haven't staffed an LP outreach booth, don't be shy. Staffing the booth can be fun. Guidelines for staffing the booth will be available at the booth. The booth is located in front of the Boulevard vendor tent just south of the main entrance as you walk toward the grandstand. See location 15 on the map below:

State Fairgrounds Map

To volunteer, please send an e-mail to: info@lpmo.org, or call (844) 886-8357.

Date 9AM-3PM 3PM-9PM
Thursday August 10th Bill Slantz Randy Langkraehr
Friday August 11th Ron Bream Ron Bream/Randy Langkraehr
Saturday August 12th
Randy Langkraehr
Jenny Lyon/Sean Neumann
Sunday August 13th Mary Gerlt/Ned Kelley
Monday August 14th Ron Bream Ron Bream
Tuesday August 15th Jim Higgins Jim Higgins
Wednesday August 16th Bill Wayne Steven Hedrick
Thursday August 17th Bill Wayne/Total Legalization Randy Langkraehr/Total Legalization
Friday August 18th Randy Langkraehr Rick Vandeven/Greg Tlapek/New Approach Missouri
Saturday August 19th Ron & Susy Bream Kat Miller
Sunday August 20th Chris Burros/Japheth Campbell Sean O'Toole/Ron Bream