Dave Browning, Libertarian candidate for Attorney General asks - Debate? What Debate?


Ed Martin, Republican candidate for Attorney General and perhaps the first Missouri lawyer to actually catch an ambulance, can't seem to decide if he wants to debate his opponents.

In a letter dated August 14th, the Missouri Bar Association invited the three candidates for a debate Oct. 17th, coinciding with the Bar Association's Annual Meeting in St. Louis. Both the Libertarian and Democratic candidates have agreed to appear. Friday, the agenda for the meeting was released and no debate is yet scheduled because Republican, Ed Martin, cannot decide if he wants a debate before the public, the press and members of the Missouri Bar. Over 60% of the Missouri Bar consists of solo and small firm lawyers representing real people with real problems on main street. For all his bragging and criticism of his Democratic rival, Martin who drives around in the Martin mobile, an ambulance, to draw attention to himself, is nowhere to be found at this one forum allowing all points of view.

Dave Browning, the Libertarian candidate who has been a solo practitioner for 37 years, and has more trial and prosecution experience than his rivals, advises Ed Martin to overcome his fears and bring his cause to his fellows. Browning said, "Ed, I learned a long time ago that when you are in a pool with a shark, it is best to bite back. If you are big enough and bad enough to play in this league, you should come on down and show us what you've got."

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