Petition Filed with Missouri Speaker of the House to Contest the Seating of Representative-Elect Rizzo


2010 Libertarian candidate for the 40th District of the Missouri House of Representatives Sean O'Toole has joined William Royster, the loser of the district's Democrat primary in filing a petition to contest the election and seating of Democrat John J. Rizzo. Royster and his investigators have uncovered several instances of voter fraud in the Democrat primary election that Rizzo won by one vote. Included in the fraud allegations are instances of voting by Rizzo relatives who reside outside the district. Additionally, the investigations and related court testimony calls into question the citizenship of several Somali voters.

Illegitimate votes result in the disenfranchisement of legitimate voters. The Libertarian Party has long called itself 'the Party of Principle' and as such, I feel an obligation to speak out against corruption in our political system, said O'Toole who is also the chair of the Jackson County Libertarian Party. Will Royster presented me with his investigators' findings two weeks ago and they paint a convincing picture. Rizzo may not be guilty of conspiring with family members who voted illegally in our district but it is hard to imagine that he was unaware of it. He had an obligation to put a stop to it.

After the machine recount requested by the Royster campaign revealed a one vote difference between the candidates, the Royster campaign was denied a hand recount to which they are entitled by state law.

The Libertarian Party is not making a statement about one Democrat over the other, as we share few views in common with either Democrat, stated Missouri LP chair, Dr. Cisse Spragins. Further, we are not suggesting that our candidate who received 33% of the vote in the 'Democrat-safe 40th' should have won, though there is evidence of some fraud in the general election as well. We are, however, taking a stand against voter fraud and corruption in the system which is inexcusable. Kansas City's legitimate voters deserve better and this issue should not be swept under the rug. As a third party, the Libertarians are perhaps more vulnerable to being victimized by election irregularities since we have far fewer people watching elections. We are also sensitive to these issues as we hear complaints from all over the state at every primary election that voters requesting our ballot have a trouble getting it, despite the fact it is supposed to be in plain site at the polls along with the other two. If Democrats will pull these shenanigans against each other, what would they do if a Libertarian were to look to be a real threat?

Voters who are Fed Up! with bailouts, stimulus plans that only stimulate bigger government, government takeover of health care, rising unemployment, never-ending foreign wars, and a big brother police state will find common ground with the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party is America's third largest political party and has been fighting for smaller government since 1971. The Missouri Libertarian Party has been a recognized party in the State, with continuous ballot access since 1992. For further information visit or call 877-VOTE-4-US.

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