A Group of About 25 Gather to Protest KCPT's Exclusionary Debate Practices Friday


Kansas City Public Television Persists in Excluding Libertarian Jonathan Dine from the Only Televised US Senate Debate

About 25 Libertarians gathered in front of Kansas City Public Television's (KCPT) offices Friday to protest the exclusion of Libertarian Jonathan Dine from its Oct 14 US Senate debate. Meanwhile, KCPT continues to defend its position on excluding two ballot-qualified candidates, both of whom won contested primary races - Libertarian candidate Jonathan Dine and the Constitution Party candidate. Meanwhile, Democratic candidate, Robin Carnahan continues to have her cake and eat it too proclaiming publicly that she wants to debate all candidates on the ballot (inasmuch as she is the Secretary of State and therefore in charge of running fair elections) yet agreeing to participate in the upcoming Oct 14 debate which excludes them. Ms. Carnahan blames Blunt for the exclusion.

KCPT is a 501c(3) organization and is therefore prohibited from participating in campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any political candidates. KCPT has consulted with its attorneys in Washington and Kansas City this past week. Station management has been informed that we are on solid legal ground, says Nick Haines, KCPT Executive Producer. While it may be legal, it is certainly unconscionable that a publicly funded station is excluding ballot-qualified candidates, stated Dr. Cisse Spragins, Missouri LP chair. It is also not in line with the past. The Libertarian US Senate nominee participated in debates with the two older party candidates in the 2004 and 2006 elections. This new precedent is disturbing, Spragins stated.

Voters who are Fed Up! with bailouts, stimulus plans that only stimulate bigger government, government takeover of health care, rising unemployment, never-ending foreign wars, and a big brother police state will find common ground with the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party is America's third largest political party and has been fighting for smaller government since 1971. The Missouri Libertarian Party has been a recognized party in the State, with continuous ballot access since 1992. For further information visit http://www.lpmo.org or call 877-VOTE-4-US.