Missouri Libertarian Party: Is Roy Blunt Really Afraid of Jonathan Dine?


Carnahan, after very publicly expressing her desire to debate all candidates on the ballot claims Blunt is to blame for the exclusion of Libertarian US Senate Candidate Jonathan Dine

Kansas City Public Television (KCPT) has announced that its televised US Senate debate slated for October 14th (the only televised debate scheduled) will only include the Democrat and Republican candidates, and not the Libertarian candidate Jonathan Dine or the Constitution Party candidate.

Ms. Carnahan continues to assert that she hopes that all four candidates will be included and claims Roy Blunt is the problem. The Blunt campaign, however, claims that both campaigns agreed to the exclusionary criteria set up by KCPT.

Clearly, at least one of the two campaigns is lying, observed Dr. Cisse Spragins, Missouri LP chair. Not that I find that particularly surprising. It does seem laughable, however, that the consummate Washington insider, and the member of the Missouri political aristocracy, both who have raised millions of dollars, find a couple of third party candidates threatening, Spragins added. What is regrettable is that a Libertarian presence in the debate would not only educate voters on a truly different choice, but would also have the effect of focusing the debate on actual issues. I guess that's what they're afraid of. As it stands, we can likely expect just more of the mud-slinging we've all been seeing in those endless TV commercials. And I have to agree with most of them both Blunt and Carnahan are bad news for Missouri.

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