Thirty Missouri Libertarians File For Office With Four Contested Primaries


Jefferson City, MO -- Thirty Missouri Libertarians and counting have filed for federal, state and county office for the 2010 elections. The largest number of Libertarian candidates since the 2004 election.

Missouri Libertarian Party Vice Chair Dr. Cisse Spragins of Kansas City and Jonathan Dine of Riverside have both filed for the US Senate seat being vacated by Kit Bond. The Libertarian US Senate nominee will be determined at the ballot box during the August 3rd primary. Both will be participating in a US Senate debate to be held the evening of Saturday May 29th in the main convention hall during the National Libertarian Party convention in St. Louis.

Eleven candidates filed for Congress resulting in three more contested races for the August 3rd primary.

State Chairman Glenn Nielsen commented that "This will be an exciting year for Libertarians with four contested races in the August primary."

Charles Baum of University City filed for State Auditor. This is Mr. Baum's second run for State Auditor. In 2006 he received 2.8% of the vote in the general election in a four way race.

Two candidates filed for State Senate and eleven candidates filed for State Representative.

Three candidates have been confirmed as filing for county office as a Libertarian and the party expects to be notified of additional county candidates.

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Glenn Nielsen, Chairman
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