Patty Tweedle, Breaking the cycle of the same ol' politics


It is ironic that the special election to decide who will represent Missouri's 62nd House district will be conducted on Groundhog Day this first Tuesday in February; just like the Bill Murray movie classic where the dismal events of the day keep repeating themselves until the cycle gets broken. I realize this is a fictitional story, but it is a clear example of the challenge that faces us, the voter. Regardless of which mainstream party's candidate we have selected, the results have typically been the same . . . more pandering to special interests and chasing down the almighty campaign donation. This particular Groundhog Day, however, the Branson area voters of the 62nd district will have the power to break the cycle, by voting for Libertarian Patty Tweedle.

As someone who has successfully questioned the workings of local government, initiated the audit of the city of Springfield, and getting elected to that city's governing body, I have personally worked with Patty on several projects, and have always been impressed by her gusto and level of commitment to the values of freedom and responsibility. In fact, the more you find out about Ms. Tweedle, the more you realize how fortunate you are to even know her and her family. I know the residents of the 62nd will feel the same way should they have the fortune of electing her.

Patty will be able to cross the political divide that segregates our state, to the benefit of her district. She does not play the traditional "game" of compromising her ethics in the name of getting elected. This modern-day David has already faced attacks from Goliaths that have destroyed her yard signs, and questioned her campaign's financial integrity, which is above par. She has advocated for the best policies, such as smaller government and financial accountability, before they have become popular. You will find that Ms.Tweedle not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk when it comes to opposing excessive federal incursions into our lives, and uniting a free and independent people against the forces of the statist quo. The biggest bang for the Branson vote will be making your mark next to the name, Patty Tweedle. No other choice will end this cycle of politics-as-usual.

Doug Burlison
Springfield, MO
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Teddy Fleck, Campaign Manager, Friends of Patty Tweedle
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