Patty Tweedle to challenge the status-quo for recently-vacated House seat


With the departure of Rep. Dennis Wood, the special election for the 62nd House District will include a Libertarian challenger. Patty Tweedle, of Branson, has filed for the vacant House of Representatives seat.

Tweedle, a longtime Branson resident, is a proponent of lower taxes, smaller government, and personal and economic liberty. "With the government increasing its control of our lives and our businesses, it's time to scale back the size, cost, and scope of the state and federal levels, and the best way to do that is to have our country grounded in liberty for all," said Tweedle's campaign manager, Teddy Fleck.

Tweedle added: "As a homemaker and former professional, I bring to the table ideas that better reflect the constituency as a whole. Ideas such as smaller, smarter government, and individual responsibility. I think we can all agree that it's time to get government out of our business, and to resurrect government of and by the people. For these reasons, I am stepping up to the plate to become the representative of the 62nd District."

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Teddy Fleck, Campaign Manager, Friends of Patty Tweedle
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