St. Charles County Libertarians support Kenneth Wells in fight for Medical Marijuana


Mr. Wells took his own health away from Government control, and now is prosecuted for wanting chronic pain relief.

Saint Charles Missouri, June 23, 2009: Kenneth Wells, a St. Charles County resident with severe medical issues and pain from a stroke incurred in 1983 was charged with growing marijuana when it was found in his basement after his home burned down on January 16, 2008. Mr. Wells is now facing up to 15 years in prison if convicted. Marijuana, which has been proven to have valid medicinal properties, particularly in the treatment of chronic pain, is illegal in Missouri. The Saint Charles County Libertarian Central Committee calls on the Prosecuting Attorneys office to drop the charges. "This is what happens when government interferes with a person's options for medical treatment." states Allen J. Underdown, the Saint Charles County Libertarian Chairperson. "Mr. Wells was not selling or distributing marijuana, only growing it for his own personal consumption. I don't see how this is different than brewing wine or beer in your basement. If drinking wine regularly had a direct positive effect on your health, no one would question your actions". Mr. Underdown further states "There are 13 states that allow for medically prescribed marijuana use. Missouri has attempted to pass medical marijuana laws in the past, but they have never left the legislature. This is a perfect example of our elected officials dropping the ball on an issue that does not harm anyone, costs the state and local governments nothing, and betters the lives of citizens."

The Saint Charles County Libertarians hope that Mr. Wells' case goes in front of an educated jury, since a jury nullification verdict is the only other option if the charge is not dropped. We would hope that in the case of an unfavorable decision, Governor Jay Nixon would immediately commute Mr. Wells' sentence.

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