Protest Against NAIS at USDA Listening Session June 9th


Farmers, Ranchers and Consumers will hold a protest of the NAIS - National Animal ID System - on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 from 8 am to 12 noon. The protest will run concurrently with the USDA NAIS listening session at Truman Hotel & Conference Center in Jefferson City, Missouri. More than a dozen organizations have signed on in support of the peaceful protest and will have members attending to speak out against NAIS. The USDA has been pushing for mandatory NAIS, originally calling for mandatory in January of 2008 and with enforcements in January of 2009, but has delayed implementation due to huge public outcry against the program. USDA is now asking for public input on how to overcome objections to the program. Bob Parker, a southern Missouri farmer, has toured the state speaking out against NAIS, "The USDA does not want to accept that the people are against this program. They are asking how to make it more palatable. Our message to USDA is to end NAIS now."

NAIS is a three-phase program designed by the USDA and the National Institute for Animal Agriculture to advance guidelines for international trade through an agency of the World Trade Organization called the OIE. NAIS will tag and track movements of 33 or more species of animals worldwide. Phase 1 requires livestock owners to obtain a GPS linked Premise ID number for their property. Phase 2 requires all animals be identified with an international ID device. Phase 3 requires electronic reporting of movements on or off a premises to effectuate 48 hour trace-back to the premises of origin of any and every animal. Each phase is predicated upon the preceding phase. There can be no NAIS animal ID without a NAIS premises ID.

Opposition to NAIS is strongest from independent cattlemen, small farmers and hobbyists.

Doreen Hannes, a researcher, author and public speaker, whose family has a small farm and raises much of their own food states, "The design of NAIS is effectively a license to farm. This program would cost us at least $4,000.00 the first year. There is no method for growers to recoup the cost of the program, and the implementation of NAIS will be the destruction of the family farm and rural America. The cost to freedom is simply immeasurable."

"The Missouri Libertarian Party has worked with farmers and ranchers in Missouri for years to prevent implementation of the burdensome regulations of the National Animal Identification System being forced on them by the USDA", said Glenn Nielsen, Missouri Libertarian Party Chair.

Paul Hamby, NW Missouri coordinator for Campaign for Liberty, states "NAIS will put an undue burden on non-electric Amish farmers, small hobby farmers, 4-H and FFA members while providing no benefit to them. NAIS will not make our food supply safer. I am against this international livestock ID program run by the same federal government who just bought General Motors."

The following organizations are sending members to Jefferson City to speak against NAIS on June 9:

  • Missouri Campaign for Liberty
  • Arkansas Animal Producers Association
  • International Dairy Goat Registry
  • Missouri Independent Consumers and Farmers Organization
  • Illinois Independent Consumers and Farmers Organization
  • Ozarks Property Rights Congress
  • Missouri First, Inc.
  • Liberty Restoration Project
  • Legislators Against Real ID
  • Missouri Libertarian Party
  • Missouri Constitution Party
  • Missouri Rural Crises Center
  • Citizens for Private Property
  • Douglas County Citizens for Liberty

The Missouri Libertarian Party is an established political party in the State of Missouri and is affiliated with The Libertarian Party.

Contact Name: 
Glenn Nielsen, Missouri LP State Chair
Contact Phone: 
(573) 644-7893