National Polls Confirm Growing Libertarian Trend


Three highly-regarded national polls have confirmed a growing Libertarian trend in U.S. politics. The Pew Research Center, the Washington Post with ABC News, and Rasmussen Reports have published their findings on American political attitudes in 2009.

"Across the board, these polls tell us that most Americans believe in the free market economy, are skeptical of big government, and take a moral stand against government intolerance and bigotry," said Glenn Nielsen, chair of the Missouri Libertarian Party. "This is the essence of Libertarian thought, and we welcome the results of these national polls."

The Pew Research Center published its annual report on political values and trends last week entitled Independents Take Center Stage in Obama Era. This report concludes that "the proportion of independents now equals its highest level in 70 years" and that these independents are more likey to be economically conservative and socially tolerant.

The Washington Post/ABC poll released in April shows yet again that 5% of Americans identify with a party other than Republican or Democrat. Despite the personal popularity of President Obama, this same poll indicates that 87% of Americans are concerned by the growing federal deficit, and 53% were not confident in the government's ability to cut wasteful spending in the President's economic recovery package.

A Rasmussen Reports poll released on May 11 asked 1,007 adults "which of the following will be the biggest threat to the country in the future -"big business, big labor or big government?" Fifty-nine percent (59%) of politically independent Americans viewed "big government" as the greatest threat, virtually unchanged from the 60 percent measured the last time the question was asked in 2006 - before the financial crisis and election of Barack Obama.

"Despite the two-party and two-philosophy slant in these polls, Libertarian trendlines are emerging," notes Glenn Nielsen. "I look forward to the day when these organizations acknowledge us for who we are: a truly distinct philosophy, and not a mish-mash of the Republicans and Democrats. There has never been a better time to be a Libertarian."

The Missouri Libertarian Party is an established political party in the State of Missouri and is affiliated with The Libertarian Party.