Missouri Libertarian Party Elects New Officers At April 18th State Convention


The Missouri Libertarian party elected new officers at the state committee meeting held April 18th during the state convention.

Glenn Nielsen of Columbia was elected Chair. On his election to a second term, Nielsen stated:

"There is growing dissatisfaction with where the Democrats and Republicans have led this country. Bailouts, unprecedented government spending and political profiling in the recent Missouri Information Analysis Center report.

Now, more than ever, Missourians need to hear the libertarian message of individual liberty, free markets and peace."

Cisse Spragins of Kansas City was re-elected Vice Chair. Dr. Spragins is the founder, owner and CEO of a small manufacturing business in Kansas City. Upon re-election, Dr. Spragins stated "It is a pleasure to continue to serve the Party truly committed to liberty. Now more than ever, voters need a choice and it is our responsibility to work to to get worthwhile candidates on the ballot."

Barry Albin of Kansas City was elected Secretary, replacing outgoing Secretary John Schultz of Columbia. On his election as Secretary Albin stated "I hope to bring the same degree of professionalism to this office that I have demonstrated as a lawyer for the past 36 years. I see this position as one of servant to the State Committee and the Party and will work to improve the internal strength of the Party throughout my tenure."

Outgoing Secretary John Schultz was the 2008 winner of the Missouri Libertarian Party's highest award, the Karl Wetzel Award. Thanking Schultz, Nielsen stated "John did a great job as Secretary and I am pleased to see he will continue as a member of the Executive Committee and as Boone County Libertarian Party Chair."

Paula Benski of Chesterfield was re-elected Treasurer. Upon re-election, Paula Benski stated, "It has been a pleasure to work with such a high caliber of people as those in the Missouri Libertarian Party. I look forward to continuing to work with everyone in the Party to advance the cause of liberty in our state. We have proven that we can broker positive change."

Libertarians have been very active in local and statewide issues over the last two years. Libertarians have been organizing opposition to smoking bans and defeated a zoning ordinance in Johnson County. We have been building relationships with single issue organizations fighting eminent domain, trying to stop the national animal identification system (NAIS) and protecting Second Amendment rights in Missouri.

This spring the Missouri Libertarian Party had a great deal of success pushing back against the political profiling found in the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) Militia Movement Report. Missouri LP spokesperson Mike Ferguson of Grandview led the public relations campaign. Nielsen praised Ferguson's work stating "Mike led a great media campaign. Not only raising awareness of the reports political profiling in Missouri but receiving national coverage."

All of this hard work is starting to pay off at the ballot box. Missouri Libertarians won two of five local elections in April. Robert Stephens was elected to the Springfield City Council. Mike Ferguson was elected to the Grandview City Council.

They join Mike Bozarth who was elected to the St. Joseph City Council in 2006, Doug Burlison who was elected to the Springfield City Council in 2007 and Joel Stoner who was elected Mayor of Macks Creek in 2007.

The Missouri Libertarian Party is an established political party in the State of Missouri and is affiliated with The Libertarian Party.