Missouri Libertarian Party welcomes Lt. Governor Kinder to the MIAC Controversy, Disagrees with his call to suspend John Britt


When progress is being made, we should support it as we look for all the answers.

That is the view of the Missouri Libertarian Party regarding today's developments in the controversy surrounding the Missouri Information Analysis Center's (MIAC) "Strategic Memo" on militia activity.

The party's spokesman, Mike Ferguson, responded to the developments in the House of Representatives and in the Lt. Governor's press conference with the following statement:

"The Missouri Libertarian Party fully supports the calls for a full investigation into the development and distribution of the now-infamous 'Strategic Memo' and the political profiling it encourages.

"However, calling for Director Britt to be placed on administrative leave right now is both premature and heavy handed. Mr. Britt has acknowledged some of the inaccuracies in the memo, has apologized to the Libertarian Party and former Congressman Bob Barr (the 2008 Libertarian Party Presidential nominee) along with Congressman Ron Paul and others. He has ordered that the memo be changed to remove the unfair references to third parties.

"We appreciate his taking action on part of the memo. There are still many questions to be answered about the memo and they will be answered most efficiently if he is at work."

The Missouri Libertarian Party has led the opposition to the political profiling contained in the training document for nearly two weeks. We welcome the efforts of other political organizations as they join us in calling for full disclosure of how this report could be written in this manner and be distributed as a training document for law enforcement.

"Our law enforcement officers at all levels do a job that is too important and too dangerous to be politicized." Ferguson continued, "That is why we support the calls for an investigation; to ensure that state training documents both keep our troopers safe and protect the rights of Missourians at the same time. Political profiling can not be tolerated in Missouri."

Please view previous statements from the Missouri Libertarian Party at www.lpmo.org or contact Mike Ferguson using the information contained above with any questions.

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