Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Finkenstadt Declares Opposition on Proposition A


Libertarian Andrew Finkenstadt declared his opposition today to Proposition A

Finkenstadt says, "My opposition to Proposition (A) is due to the anti-competitive nature of the limitation on the number of casinos in Missouri. The other provisions seem an acceptable choice, but the free market is fundamentally about allowing more choices, which allows businesspeople to compete, which ultimately allows consumers to profit from the reduction in costs."

Libertarian Finkenstadt explains that, "even though many libertarian philosophies appear in this proposed legislation, the fact remains that the anti-competitive provisions made this unacceptable."

Finkenstadt goes on to explain, "I like to use the comparison of sewage to pure water. You can take a teaspoon of water and put it in the sewage, and you still have sewage. If you take a teaspoon of sewage and put it in the gallon of water, you also end up with sewage."

Continuing, "This restriction to the free market in what would otherwise be an acceptable proposal, still makes it taste like sewage."

Working a regular "day job" to support his family, Finkenstadt, 42, is a full-time software engineer for Simutronics Corp., a St. Charles, Missouri-based online persistent-world computer game company. He is also a music minister for St. Joseph Catholic Church in Cottleville, Missouri. His wife, Carol, is an administrative assistant at First United Methodist Church in St. Charles. Finkenstadt attended Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio) 1983-1987, where he majored in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Andrew (Andy) Finkenstadt is the Gubernatorial candidate for the Missouri Libertarian Party. For more information on Finkenstadt, please visit or email

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