Missouri Libertarian Lt. Governor candidate cancels NRA membership


The National Rifle Association sends out a questionnaire to elected and prospective political candidates every election cycle, but only endorses members of established political parties, and this has hit home with Libertarian candidate Teddy Fleck, a long-time NRA member.

Fleck, who is running for Lieutenant Governor in Missouri, filled out and returned the questionnaire, but was told in an e-mail from an NRA representative that unless a candidate is an incumbent, they will not be listed in the NRAs endorsements.

The average American concerned about Second Amendment rights and incumbents or aspiring candidates who take these rights seriously are not well-served by this arbitrary exclusion, Fleck said. He also said he will be cancelling his NRA membership, and will no longer support their cause. The NRA has no interest in supporting candidates who are not Republicans or Democrats, supposedly because it would be too much trouble to list dozens of candidates even if their support of gun rights is of more importance than major-party respondents.

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