Boone County Libertarians Applaud Columbia Voters


The Boone County Libertarian Party (BCLP) wishes to thank Columbia voters for voting down Propositions 2 and 5 in the November 8 municipal elections.

Proposition 2 was a measure to extend an eighth-cent sales tax for two years to add a multi-use facility for the Columbia farmers' market and an ice rink. BCLP members believe that while both facilities would improve the community, they should be funded and run by private individuals rather than the city.

Boone County Libertarian Party Chair John Schultz says "I am a huge hockey fan and would love Columbia to add a rink for local teams to play on, but this is not a venture the city should be engaged in with our sales tax dollars."

Proposition 5 would have created a new eighth-cent sales tax for road and sidewalk improvements.

Schultz says "Columbia is already collecting a half-cent transportation sales tax, but not all of the funds are going to the road system. $1.6 million was used to subsidize the city bus system, and $700,000 was transferred to the airport. Columbia citizens should demand that the city make better use of its existing revenues rather than seeking sales tax increases."

The Boone County Libertarian Party had earlier expressed its opposition to Propositions 1, 2, and 5, while having no official opinion on the remaining ballot measures.The Boone County Libertarian Party is affiliated with the Missouri Libertarian Party, one of three established political parties in Missouri.

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John Schultz, Chair Boone County Libertarian Party
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