Missouri LP Chair Lobbies in Washington - Protecting Missourians from Eminent Domain Abuse


Missouri Libertarian Party Chair Darla Maloney was in Washington, DC yesterday, attending hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee and lobbying on behalf of Missourians for protection against eminent domain abuse.

She was representing the Missouri Libertarian Party at the hearings and working to bring resources to Missouri to press our State Government for necessary reforms. Maloney will be available for interviews upon her return to Missouri this afternoon.

In her work on the issue in Missouri, Maloney has been regularly attending the hearings of the Governor's Task Force on Eminent Domain in Jefferson City.

"It's just heart-rending to hear the stories of families losing their homes just so some developer can build a new shopping mall or parking lot," said Maloney, "and it's happening all around Missouri and across the country. I just had to go to Washington to see what more could be done."

The Senate Judiciary Committeee Hearings were in response to the recent US Supreme Court decision, Susette Kelo, et al. vs. The City of New London , that significantly broadens the powers of eminent domain, giving local governments a virtual free reign to seize private homes and businesses. The Court's decision cited a broad standard of "appreciable benefits to the community" including "new jobs and increased tax revenue." Libertarians have proposed that local, state and federal laws be carefully examined to assure that the rights of Missouri citizens are protected.

"A Mom on a Mission"

Maloney was enthusiastic about the organizations and supporters that she worked with on her mission to Washington. "It has been a fabulous experience meeting new people and making new friends." She met with officials of the Institute for Justice, the National Taxpayers Union, other Libertarians, and activists from around the nation. "I actually met with Suzette Kelo herself!"

Presently the Chair of the Missouri Libertarian Party, Darla Maloney ran for the U.S. Congress in 2004 with the campaign slogan "A Mom on a Mission." One of her objectives on this trip was to help bring support for homeowners and small-business owners in Missouri who are presently threatened by eminent domain abuse. Maloney offered the help of Libertarians and issued a warning:

"To those developers in Missouri who hope to use eminent domain for personal gain, watch out," declared Maloney, "the Mom on a Mission is gathering forces."


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