[announce] 2009 Missouri LP Karl Wetzel and Champion of Freedom Awards

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Sat Apr 25 09:57:14 CDT 2009

The Missouri Libertarian Party presented its annual awards during the 2009
Missouri Libertarian Party State Convention in Jefferson City April 18th. Mike
Bozarth, an elected libertarian on the St. Josepth City Council and Buchanan
County Libertarian Party Chair, was presented with our highest honor, the Karl
Wetzel Award. Paula Benski, Robb Cunningham, Robert Stephens and Dave Browning
were presented with Champion of Freedom Awards.

To each award recipient, libertarian activist, candidate and volunteer.

Thank you, for all you do, for freedom and liberty!

Glenn Nielsen
State Chair
Missouri Libertarian Party

Mike Bozarth - Karl Wetzel

The Karl Wetzel Award is the most notable award given out by the Missouri
Libertarian Party.

Karl Wetzel was a Libertarian Party activist, candidate and state treasurer who
suffered a massive heart attack in 2000, leaving no heirs. His $50k life
insurance proceeds were split between the National Libertarian Party and State
Libertarian Party, while his $17k 401(k) with no beneficiary listed went to the

This award recognizes Mike's lifetime achievement for the Missouri Libertarian
Party as Buchanan County LP Chair, as a member of both the Executive and State
Committee's, as a candidate for office and as a libertarian elected to local

Mike was elected to the Clarksdale, MO City Council in 1988 and served until
1990. Mike was elected to the St. Joseph City Council in 2006 and continues to
serve in office. In 2002 Mike ran for Buchanan County Collector and received
22% of the vote.

For many years Mike has written regular columns for the Libertarian St. Joseph
Telegraph newspaper for which he is now the publisher.

Paula Benski - Champion of Freedom

This award recognizes Paula's hard work for the Missouri Libertarian Party as a
member of the Executive Committee, State Committee, St. Louis County LP
Treasurer, candidate treasurer and helping put on events such as the St. Louis
Area Caucus.

The Missouri Libertarian Party especially appreciates Paula's work as Missouri
LP Treasurer for the last year. She stepped in when the party really needed her
to resolve campaign finance issues with the Missouri Ethics Commission. Since
your election as Missouri LP Treasurer in 2008 you have done an excellent job
improving our accounting and providing monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

Paula's monthly pledge helps fund the day to day operations of the Missouri
Libertarian Party.

Robb Cunningham - Champion of Freedom

This award recognizes Robb's hard work for the Missouri Libertarian Party as a
candidate for State Senate, a candidate for the First Congressional District
twice and as a candidate for St. Louis Mayor in 2009. In 2008 Robb led the
effort to raise money and place an election advertisment in the St. Louis Post

Robert Stephens- Champion of Freedom

This award recognizes Bob's hard work for the Missouri Libertarian Party as an
author of numerous articles for the Show Me Freedom Newsletter, as a member of
the Show Me Freedom editorial board and his monthly pledge in 2008.

In 2009 Bob was a non-partisan candidate for the Springfield City Council, won
election and now serves. Congratulations on your election to local office.

Dave Browning - Champion of Freedom

This award recognizes Dave's hard work for the Missouri Libertarian Party as a
member of the Executive Committee, State Committee, Jackson County LP Chair, as
the 2004 Libertarian Candidate for Attorney General and as the 2008 Libertarian
Candidate for the Sixth Congressional District where he received 3.7% of the
vote in a three way race.

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