[announce] Johnson County Libertarians Defeat Zoning Ballot Issue

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Sun Apr 12 23:11:25 CDT 2009

Johnson County (MO) Libertarians led a successful grass-roots campaign to block
county-wide planning and zoning. County Libertarian Party Chairman Bill Wayne,
who spent 18 months attending bi-monthly meetings of the commission that wrote
the plan to be voted on, identified possible points of attack and served as a
chief spokesman for zoning opponents.

Vice-Chair Randy Langkraehr organized a non-partisan committee, Johnson
Liberty, and directed its multi-faceted anti-zoning campaign. Johnson Liberty
produced flyers and door hangers distributed throughout the county, print ads
in all newspapers serving county residents, bumper stickers, and yard signs.

The radio campaign included a series of five 10-minute radio talk programs to
explain the flaws in the proposal as well as 30 and 60 second spots on two
county stations. The committee sponsored outreach booths at local events and
hosted a campaign rally, and provided a campaign website with Myspace and
Facebook presence. Committee members also worked with members of another group
to place over 60 large signs (4x4 or 4x8 foot) in strategic locations around
the county.

Since the proposed zoning rules were rather vague, the committee focused on
issues such as ease of change and cost, and capitalized on voter distrust of
the current County Commission. The zoning proposal failed overwhelmingly,
rejected by 78% of voters.

County Chairman Bill Wayne said, “The organizational and campaign skills of our
local Libertarians were crucial to focus generalized anti-zoning sentiment into
an overwhelming victory in only 75 days. We see Johnson Liberty as a continuing
force in local issue-driven politics, and we believe our involvement will help
grow the Libertarian Party locally.”

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