2015 Missouri State Convention

The 2015 Missouri LP Convention will take place at the Holiday Inn Columbia-East in Columbia Missouri on Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 8 am to 5 pm.

Early-bird savings - register by April 1st. Register today and we'll see you in Columbia!

Missouri Libertarian Elected and Appointed Officeholders

Missouri Libertarian Elected Officeholders

Doug Burlison - City Council, Springfield, MO

Joel Stoner - Mayor, Macks Creek, MO

Robert Stephens - City Council, Springfield, MO

Missouri Libertarian Appointed Officeholders

Mike A. Bozarth - Board Member, MO-KAN Planning Commission

Teddy Fleck - Traffic Advisory Board, Springfield, MO

Mark Jones - Financial Advisory Board, Greene County, MO

Tom Knapp - Local Board Member, St. Louis County, Selective Service Administration

John Schultz - Board of Adjustment, Boone County, MO

Allen Underdown - Francis Howell School Communications Committee, St. Charles, MO

Dillon Wyatt - Environment and Energy Commission, Boone County, MO

Former Missouri Libertarian Elected Officeholders

Michael Ferguson - Director Jackson County Public Water Supply District #1, Sub-district 2. 2007-2008

Tamara Millay - Sheriff 2005, Greendale, MO

Jeff Foli - Mayor 2001-2003, Chillicothe, MO

Mike A. Bozarth - City Council 2006-2010, St. Joseph, MO

Mike A. Bozarth - City Council 1988-1990, Clarksdale, MO

Mr. Bowen - School Board, Lees Summitt, MO

Marshall Cobb - City Council 1988-1990, Lake St. Louis, MO

Brad Spangler - City Council, North Kansas City, MO

Karl H. Timmerman - City Council, Holden, MO