The Missouri LP is pleased to announce that 30 candidates filed on the party's ticket for the August 2014 primary election. The Missouri LP has a full slate of candidates for the eight congressional districts (including one contested race in the 4th), a candidate for state auditor, the sole statewide...Read more
The Central Committee of the Jackson County Libertarian Party, at it's regular monthly meeting on April 5, 2014, resolved the following with regard to Questions 1 - 5 on the ballet of the April 8 th Special Election to be held in Kansas City, Missouri. Question 1. The Committee recommends...Read more
Filing opens Tuesday Feb 25th and remains open through March 25th. Even if you can't run for "elective office", it's time to file to be a county committee person for the Libertarian Party. It's the kind of job everyone wants, you don't have to do any work and you get...Read more
Join Fellow Liberty Lovers at the 2014 Missouri LP State Convention! Saturday March 8, 8 am - 5 pm Location: The beautiful Soulard Preservation Hall in the historic Soulard district of St Louis - 1921 South 9th St. St. Louis, MO 63104 Interested in getting to know a little more...Read more
Filing for the August 5th 2014 primary opens on February 25th and remains open through March 25th. The Missouri Libertarian Party is actively seeking candidates for federal, state and county races. Federal races include all eight House of Representative districts. State races include State Auditor, all 163 State Representative districts...Read more
In a move that has concerned many, the Springfield Police Department has proposed an agreement with the Missouri National Guard to help prosecute the drug war in the area. According to Burlison, "If we were to receive a national guardsman simply to clean up the bathrooms at police headquarters, that...Read more
Statement from Geoffrey J. Neale, chair, Libertarian National Committee, in response to President Barack Obama's announced plan for minor reforms of NSA mass surveillance: "Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of the rights of its citizens, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it...Read more
On November 2, 2013, the Libertarian Party of Jackson County at its regular monthly meeting voted to oppose Ballot Question 1 to be put before the voters of Jackson County this Tuesday, November 5, 2013. If passed, the ballot measure would raise the sales tax on purchases made inside Jackson...Read more
By Cisse W. Spragins, Ph.D. The Missouri State Fair in Sedalia starts August 8th! Each year the Missouri LP has a booth at the fair. Beginning last year, we moved from inside the multi-tenant boulevard tent to a stand-alone tent on the main boulevard just adjacent to the fair entrance...Read more
By Cisse W. Spragins, Ph.D. UPDATE: The money bomb has started - Donate Now! Please contribute to this year's Missouri LP Money Bomb! The online fund raising event will take place from Thursday, August 1st through Tuesday August 6th at the all new LPMO.org. As noted at the new website,...Read more
By Greg Tlapek I sent this response to a friend who forwarded me a link to a YouTube video about Muslim demographics: Dear Jane, I appreciate your concern about Muslim demographics. I try not to let myself get scared. Until the end of the Cold War, we were supposed to...Read more
By Cisse W. Spragins, Ph.D. This year, we held our annual state convention and state committee meeting on Feb 23rd, just two days after the first of the massive snowstorms that hit the state this spring. Unlike most years, we chose to have a business meeting, rather a full convention...Read more
Local libertarians Skyler Miller and Andrew Vukovich have been accepted into the prestigious Mises University. The program is a week long course at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama that focuses on the Austrian school of economics as well as libertarian philosophy. Mises University was founded in 1986 and is...Read more
By Skyler Miller When I began attending Southeast Missouri State University in the Fall of 2011 I knew that I would be facing quite a lot of philosophical opposition from statist professors, especially since I am pursuing a degree in political science, but no matter how far I lowered my...Read more
By Mike Bozarth Tax credits and ending duplication of services were the most cited ways citizens suggested to save the Missouri state government money. The Missouri House Downsizing State Government Committee held a hearing in St. Joseph last Thursday for public input as it looks for ways to make state...Read more