The first Gary Johnson sign wave of which the state party is aware took place last Thursday in Springfield. Bill Boone, Chris Burros, Cecil Ince and Kenton Merrill participated. Kenton Merrill, pictured here, put together a Springfield for Gary Johnson 2016 Facebook page . Kenton Merrill It's a great idea...Read more
Newspapers across America today are running an AP story on Gary Johnson next to the news that Trump has cinched enough delegates to win the Republican Party nomination. "I'm it", Johnson is declared to declare. The headline below with the picture of Johnson is from the website and a...Read more
Libertarians, we're hiring and paying $3 per signature in Illinois, $2.50 in Pennsylvania, $2.50 in Connecticut, and need volunteers in Ohio too, right away! There are no donation links in this email (for once). Only instructions on how to get hired. Some of the work may last until September. I...Read more