State Fair Volunteers Needed!

The Missouri Libertarian Party still needs volunteers to help staff our tent at the State Fair in Sedalia August 7th thru 17th. For more information go to our State Fair Volunteer page.

Annual Fundraising Campaign

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It's time for the Missouri LP's annual fundraising campaign. We run a lean, all volunteer operation and most of our month to month expenses are covered by our monthly pledgers, many of whom are the same people who do most of the work to keep the party going. However, we have extra expenses each summer and campaign season that we need to cover as follows and would appreciate your support:

  • Missouri State Fair Booth: $1300 We will once again be out on the main boulevard, as we have been the last two years
  • Print 4000 and mail 3000 issues of the Show-Me Freedom Newspaper: $1800
  • Print 10,000 Candidate Flyers: $400

Good news! A generous donor has offered to match the first $250 we raise!

Please contribute today to help keep the message of liberty alive in Missouri, and to help support our 30 candidates this election season.

Click the Donate Now! button to the left to donate to the annual fundraising campaign.

Thanks for your generous support!

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